Art Basel Miami 2019
Cultural meeting point for the Americas

Art Basel in Miami Beach reinforces its position as the cultural meeting point for the Americas, attracting significant collectors and…

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Jonny Niesche
In the studio

With his pastel-coloured and meditative paintings, Jonny Niesche has arrived in a modern space that is both flat and multidimensional.…

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ARCO 2019
Dialogues from artists

In total, 203 galleries from 30 countries will participate, of which 165 are part of the General Programme, while the rest form part of the…

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Rodney Graham
Life scenarios

These painstakingly detailed and chromatically rich digital tableaux represent scenes that conflate the artist’s mundane observations with…

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Columela photo shoot
for Lucía Gómez-Acebo

Photo shoot at Columela. A brand-new interior design project by Lucía Gómez-Acebo in Madrid.

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Telva Tributo 2018
Una crónica de moda. Colección Naty Abascal

La segunda edición de TELVA Tributo homenajea la figura de Naty Abascal, modelo, estilista, musa... Una fuente de inspiración en lo que a…

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Vincenzo de Cotiis
Industrial Elegance

The interior architect Vincenzo de Cotiis — sought after in his native Italy for the dynamic monastery-meets-laboratory approach he brings…

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Between hope and disappointment
by Fabrizio Biviano

Australian artist Fabrizio Biviano has a preoccupation with notions of spent time. Drawing inspiration from the traditions Dutch still life…

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This fashion shoot by photographer duo JUCO is the stuff my very dreams are made of. The pair, also known as Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud,…

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Joaquim Tenreiro

Joaquim Tenreiro is the pioneer of modernist Brazilian furniture making, not only in the mastery of technical and constructive solutions,…

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Arquitectura Digital
Pablo Valbuena

Nacido en España y actualmente radicado en el sur de Francia, Pablo Valbuena desarrolla proyectos artísticos centrados en investigaciones…

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Oil on canvas 50x60

Peter Ravn’s Businessmen

Most of Ravn’s paintings depict nondescript, middle-aged men in business suits in a series of surreal and emotionally intense situations —…

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